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Re: A Thought About F9 Artwork

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hi Valent,

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Whenever we try anything that is !blue, we get a whole lot of negative
feedback. People like to look at the colors far more symbolically than
they should I think.


I don't like opensuse in particular but they have made a break from blue in latest release - now its green, and it looks great! I would love to see Fedora !blue for at least one release - it would be refreshing.

Everyone has their own personal tastes and opinions on the artwork. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of those folks actually contribute to the artwork. If you would like to truly influence the artwork though, you will need to take a more active, participatory role on the art team.

It have the ability to bring some really talented people to fedora and they will contribute, but they use proprietary tools (photoshop and the like). Is that forbidden to use non OSS apps in making fedora themes? I heard that before in some post but I wasn't sure so please clarify.

This list is, for the most part, for the art team members to coordinate and discuss contributions to the artwork. While we do like hearing feedback from a variety of users, please understand that can cannot please everyone nor should it be expected that we cater to any particular piece of feedback we receive. In the past we have been asked to try colors other than blue and were met with a lot of negative feedback. I do not know if it is worth another try.

I saw some older posts... I can't believe what people said about purple color. I was also amazed to hear that as did you from what I saw.

If you have a particular concept or design that you would like to mock up and share with us that does not use the color blue, I am sure we would all be interested in seeing it, but please do not expect that someone will do it for you just because you mentioned it here.


Sure. Thank you.


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