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Round 2 Deadline is Feb 5th!! (was Re: Round 2 status?)

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
What is the final verdict? The lack of announcement of Round is worrisome.

I listed the entries which follow the requirements, so those are initial entries for Round 2. Now is time for their authors and other members of the team to expand upon them, until they meet the requirements for Round 2, hopefully considering the feedback received so far.

The deadline for Round 2 is 5 February, until then the themed in Round 1 have to get (quoting Mo): "at least 1 wallpaper and 3 supporting graphics - one that is horizontally long, one that is vertically long, and one that is square in design".
Those that will would enter Round 3, the other not.

So *now* is the time to create more polished wallpapers and supporting graphics. Even if your proposal was not well received in Round 1, if you have strong feelings about it, add polish, even change the look a bit, and it may be better received in Round

Thanks Nicu for picking up my slack! I apologize I haven't been more vocal here, I have been away for the past week+. Round 2 is definitely on right now, and our current deadline for round 2 is February 5th.


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