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Re: Tangoish Fedora logo in Mist-inherited default icon theme

> You have mistook GIF icon with transparency for scaled-down SVG. GIF
> icon cannot look better than that and I wonder if it is possible to have
> PNG web-page icon.

I'm using PNG for my website... Looks nice (not sure if IE supports
this, but I don't care).

> Yes, the tango! styled fedora logo is awesome but I'd wonder if it would
> pass legal. Anyway, this is IMHO not the proper place to ask in the
> first place. Since it concerns Fedora logo it should be IMHO asked first
> at logo fedoaproject org  And only after that, if it is approved, bring
> the thing on the art list.

And that's stupid... Trademarks... Fedora is opensource, yep?

So why is it restricted with trademarks?

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek

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