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Re: Tangoish Fedora logo in Mist-inherited default icon theme

David Nielsen wrote:
ons, 23 01 2008 kl. 17:44 +0100, skrev Martin Sourada:

Yes, the tango! styled fedora logo is awesome but I'd wonder if it would
pass legal. Anyway, this is IMHO not the proper place to ask in the
first place. Since it concerns Fedora logo it should be IMHO asked first
at logo fedoaproject org  And only after that, if it is approved, bring
the thing on the art list.

Peter Gordon and myself have been fighting to get approval for this
since, 24th of January 2007 without any kind of resolution. The process
is broken.. and we were only asking for approval to use it as the
default menu logo in the Fedora Tango package.

I was not handling the logo queue at that time, according to my records Diana Fong handled that ticket. The only record I see of the ticket is a request from Peter on January 23 2007 which was picked up by Diana, I don't have any record of the exchange though since we were using ORTS at the time and it was quite broken.

As the current owner of the logo approval queue, I have no problem with the Tango-ified Fedora logo icon being included in the Fedora Tango package but would prefer the Tango-ified icon *not* be the default as it is not really a pure representation of the Fedora logo in the sense that it takes some liberties with the official logo usage guidelines.


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