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Re: oversized icons in the distro

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Martin Sourada wrote:

Try inkscape's vacuum defs (inkscape --vacuum-defs FILE). For example
for gmp-phone-030.svg it crops the size from 198.3 KB to 47.9 KB...

Yeah, I did the same: gpm-phone-100.svg decreased from 281.1 KB to 56.4 KB after vacuum defs and to 48.6 after saving as plain svg.

I will do a vacuum defs to all files and post it back.

Attached is a tarball with *all* the files in the directory vacuumed and saved as plain svg. The size went down from 3.0 MB to 986.0 KB.

We can make it even smaller using compressed SVG (.svgz, basically SVG with gzip compression, SVG being text the compression is very effective) but 1. I don't know if we support .svgz for scalable icons and 2. is this useful? they are stored on CD compressed inside a rpm.

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