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Help with the metaphor... [Fwd: And the F9 codename winner is...]

Can someone help me understand the metaphor behind the "Sulphur" name? The only thing I can think of is sulphur is somewhat related to dragons and dragons are, like werewolves, mythical creatures. How far am I?

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Subject: And the F9 codename winner is...
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 20:47:15 -0600
From: Josh Boyer

Fedora 9 (Sulphur)

Try as they might, the Bathysphere lobbyists failed in their quest to
have the little round ships be the moniker for Fedora 9.  Instead, by a
narrow margin, the community has chosen Sulphur to be the codename for
Fedora 9.  Full election results below.

Fedora Art team, let the themes begin!


 vote_count |      name
          62 | Sulphur
          54 | Bathysphere
          43 | Chupacabra
          39 | Mayonnaise
          32 | Dragicorn
          29 | Woodwose
          23 | Tourette
          13 | Asperger
          13 | Barmanou
          10 | Chingachgook
           6 | Kingsport Town
           5 | Marfan

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