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new tshirts

Hi art team,

We would like to make tshirts for a variety of Fedora needs. I thought I would email this list to see if folks here wanted to work on ideas, etc.

This is a very liberal request -- I don't want to put any restrictions on your ideas or designs.

Stuff we are looking for:

* A "general" Fedora tshirt, to replace the one we have now that is just the Fedora logo on the front. This will be our "main" swag item for, say, the next year.

* a tshirt for FUDCon at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, June 2008, for everyone who shows up.

* a tshirt for Fedora @ LinuxTag (biggest linux show in europe) in Berlin, May 2008, for the people in the booth and also as a giveaway.

* now that we have a codename for Fedora 9, maybe some sort of tshirt that is derived from the Fedora 9 theme/artwork.

Just thought I'd see what kind of discussion this generates, and try to start the discussion with a lot of lead time.

thanks!  As always, you guys are awesome.


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