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Re: new tshirts

Max Spevack wrote:
Hi art team,

We would like to make tshirts for a variety of Fedora needs. I thought I would email this list to see if folks here wanted to work on ideas, etc.

This is a very liberal request -- I don't want to put any restrictions on your ideas or designs.

Stuff we are looking for:

* A "general" Fedora tshirt, to replace the one we have now that is just the Fedora logo on the front. This will be our "main" swag item for, say, the next year.

Could there be a women's sized version of this as well as a men's sized? Even a men's cut only would be okay if it was available in small. If any tshirt had both I think it should be this one since it is so basic?

Some ideas for this one:

- just a simple, medium-sized fedora logo (probably the vertical version) in the mid-chest area. On the back, a slogan... maybe "Freedom is a feature." or "freedom | infinity | community " with a link to fedoraproject.org. It would be nice if it was in a dark blue, maybe the same color as the infinity loop in the logo, then it's one less color to print and a little cheaper to do.

- an opposite of the first idea... a clever kind of slogan on the front with the fedora on the back as the 'answer', the problem is the more clever the slogan likely the less translatable. i was thinking 'got freedom?' on the front center with the fedora logo large on the back, but there are a few languages that wouldn't work for.

- a catchy graphic design on the front with the fedora logo on the back. not sure what the catchy graphic would be either. we could pick one of the 'freedom | infinity | community' ideas to focus on for the shirt (or even have a separate design for each concept :) ) and use that depiction for the front with the fedora logo and website url on the back. the graphic should be visually interesting and appeal to folks who aren't necessarily geeks, the idea being we want it to spark folks to ask the tshirt wearer about fedora. :)

Will the tshirts be produced centrally and shipped out, or will separate locales be producing them locally? Perhaps if we go with some kind of slogan we can provide the source artwork for everything and make it such that it is easy to replace the text with a more appropriate slogan for that locale.

* a tshirt for FUDCon at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, June 2008, for everyone who shows up.

A few questions on this one:

* Are there any sponsors that have to be listed on this shirt?
* Does this need to have any Red Hat Summit logos or messaging on it or can it be just FUDCon centric?

Some ideas:

- some kind of boston-centric design on front with the fudcon boston logo on back. e.g. the boston sunset skyline with a fedora logo as the sun with it reflecting on boston harbor :), or maybe the Boston T trains with the T logo replaced with the Fedora f logo...

- do we know what kind of outfits the summit folks are doing for the show workers if any? I remember one year at linux world we did red hat baseball jerseys, and one year at the summit there were red hat cowboy/rodeo shirts - it might be cool to have a shirt that complements the summit outfits. e.g., if the summit was doing red hat baseball jerseys, we could do fedora tshirts that were styled to look like 'fedora' team baseball shirts

* a tshirt for Fedora @ LinuxTag (biggest linux show in europe) in Berlin, May 2008, for the people in the booth and also as a giveaway.

Similar question here, are there sponsors that have to be listed on the shirt?

Is LinuxTag very commercial or is it developer-centric or a mix? Trying to get a feel of what kind of show it is... do we want a shirt that is specific to the event (seems to be appropriate for developer-centric conferences) or do we want a more generic/re-usable Fedora shirt (seems more appropriate for more commercial or user-centric conferences).

* now that we have a codename for Fedora 9, maybe some sort of tshirt that is derived from the Fedora 9 theme/artwork.

Hehe, hopefully we'll have some more artwork for that soon.

Just thought I'd see what kind of discussion this generates, and try to start the discussion with a lot of lead time.

Thanks, it's a good idea, earlier is always better :)


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