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Re: wall papers

thank you. if you can let me know your requirements- like dpi, other dimensions and colors, etc., I would be able to workout.

2008/1/30 Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com>:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Also do you have any sources available for this work, or any
> instructions on how maybe some of it or something similar could be
> reproduced using the gimp fractal tool? We need to create artwork to
> correspond to the wallpaper for our Round 2  (see
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F9Themes#head-28aff5b1a5772386d9c579fb76fe154aea7f34f7)
> and this is easier if we can manipulate the original artwork easily. Do
> you have higher resolution versions available?

So I poked around and I think figured out how to reproduce something
close to

1) Open Gimp (F8 Gimp is what I am using) and create a new document (as
high res as you want, pick a portrait resolution to match the original

2) Go to Filters > Render > Fractal Explorer. Click over to the
"Fractals" tab, choose "Flower", and hit apply.

3) In the "Colors" tab, click "Apply active gradient to final image" and
select the "Blue Green" gradient.

4) In the "Parameters" tab, set the iterations value to around 100 or
so, then hit okay and close the fractal explorer dialog

5) Rotate the image, image > transform > rotate 90 degrees

I think with a blue=>white gradient it would look more like it. I'm
attaching the gimp fractal data file I made using these steps.


Fractal Explorer Plug-In Version 2 - (c) 1997 <
cotting mygale org>
# This is a data file for the Fractal Explorer plug-in for GIMP       *
fractaltype: 4
xmin: -0.125281319022179
xmax: -0.116631627082825
ymin: 0.375891804695129
ymax: 0.384632647037506
iter: 108.035714285714278
cx: 0.405000001192093
cy: -0.200000002980232
redstretch: 124.000000000000000
greenstretch: 112.000000000000000
bluestretch: 60.000000000000000
redmode: 0
greenmode: 0
bluemode: 0
redinvert: 0
greeninvert: 0
blueinvert: 0
colormode: 1

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