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Re: R: Re: Name status

Samuele Storari wrote:
Ok, I think the bottom line is the Art Group would create something new with the new name, or I'm Wrong?

Not quite... the link between name and graphics is optional. If we create some cool graphics related to the release name that is good. But if what we come is cool graphics not related to the release name, that is good too (so far we tried a strong link only for F9 with the sulphur crystals and that graphic was backed down at the last moment).

So if I'm right, what's the Ultimate name for F10?

The final name will be settled by a public vote in the general Fedora community, Paul informed us about a set of candidates which may get to this voting process.

I don't want to waste time, it would be better if we start togheter workin on the new Concept ASAP.

In theory we are still in Round 1 and I think there are some ways we an link some of the existing proposals to fit some of the proposed names.

Don't you?

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