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Re: [echo] system-software-installer draft

2008/7/2 Luya Tshimbalanga <luya fedoraproject org>:
> Sound like a enhancement. Here is a homework for you. Pick that icon, read
> Echo guideline and try to come with a variant using Inkscape. As Martin and
> I try to complete the second level menu, an active participation from critic
> would be greatly welcome.
> Luya
> - Interesting that nobody complained about the brown color choice before.

Not completely true.
I've complained about it before but not to the extend of what i said
in my last post.
I always thought that the brown thing was plain ugly (sorry Martin).

Infact i don't agree on a bunch of the icons made so far.. but i'm not:
1. looking here to just complain
2. not always complain ofcause or not look at all new icons
3. only complain when i really feel that it's just ugly and should not
exist (this icon)

And yes, i can try to improve it but why should i when the color in
general for wood/cardboard is looking like a shit color.
First the color palette to use needs to change before i can give it a try.

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