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Re: [echo] system-software-installer draft

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 21:20 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Thanx for your reply
> as you said: "* I like that colour". now if noone comments in here or
> only people that do like it then it will get in echo. And because you
> like it there will need to be a lot of people here that say otherwise
> before you don't include it.
Yeah. If nobody raises objections within a week since first draft, I
consider the icon good enough to push into git (we need to progress even
if we lack feedback, improvements to already created icons can be done
along the way). Also if it is approved by both me and Luya, it can be
considered as ready for push.

> That's also another issue that you are practically the leader of the
> echo icon theme. if you don't like an icon that i make it won't get in
> and if you make an icon that i don't like (but you do) it can still
> get in (this one). And there are to few people reading and commenting
> on the art list to get a good idea of what the people think of it. In
> this thread it's just 3 people!
I use colours I like in icons I create, I do not reject icon just
because it uses colours I do not like. If I do not like the colour, I
suggest another one, but that's all I do in that matter. Other thing is,
if the icon is blurry, too complex, violates guidelines, ... Then I
object a lot. But if I don't like the colour only, it's not a reason for
me to reject the icon.

Just like I mentioned in the system-file-manager icon. I didn't liked
the silver version so I suggested wooden design. I also said, that I'd
strongly argue against white. But that does not mean I would not let it
be in Echo. If it follows the guidelines, if it fits with other icons
(i.e. is neither over too bright nor dark) I won't block it ;-)


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