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Re: [echo] system-software-installer draft

Mark wrote:
as you said: "* I like that colour". now if noone comments in here or
only people that do like it then it will get in echo. And because you
like it there will need to be a lot of people here that say otherwise
before you don't include it.

That's also another issue that you are practically the leader of the
echo icon theme. if you don't like an icon that i make it won't get in
and if you make an icon that i don't like (but you do) it can still
get in (this one). And there are to few people reading and commenting
on the art list to get a good idea of what the people think of it. In
this thread it's just 3 people!

Adding the fourth person to the thread...
What's wrong with that? Martin is "practically the leader of the echo icon theme" because he is doing the largest amount of work, this is how things work around here: how does the work also makes the decisions.

And what if Martin and Luya make a few suboptimal decisions? They can be corrected. And if Echo does not get good enough as a whole theme, we won't switch to it as a default for F10 (it isn't yet the default).

And the examples i showed are for the shape! not the color use.
(except the box. it's for color indication) it doesn't need to be
photo realistic, but better then this would be a lot better

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