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Re: [Echo] system-software-{install,update} sketches

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 17:57 +0200, Mark wrote:
> My attempt at the software installer.
> And it's using the new brown colors ^_^ actually all old color
> gradients are about the same just the lightest brown color is changed
> to the new one and the gradients are changed a bit in directions.
> nothing to extreme.

Seems like we are more likely to use the icon with arrow, but that does
not matter here. I see some slight inconsistences in the lighting, also
the fills could contrast in some places more, in others less with the
outlines. The problem I think is the biggest is that the inside of the
package is lighter than the outside. That feels a little strange.

When I publish the complete set of the system-software-install using
this new brown style, would you be willing to adapt the
package-x-generic to use the same gradients and perhaps also adapt the
applications-other (this would also need to fix to follow the guidelines
more closely)? These are the two icons most likely to clash with the
new-styled box.


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