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Re: [Echo] palette adjustment proposal

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 12:12 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:  
> Those colors are also used for weather icons.
> Luya

Hmm, they're used for the sun, ain't they? I don't think such usage
would be an issue. Me thinks we could qualify it as usage of yellow
+orange with slight touches from the brown scale.

I'd hate to keep two brown scales in the guidelines, and I feel like we
need to update the brown one. As it is now, the brightest colour look
more like orange than brown. And from quick look on all the Echo icons,
it looks like the only icons violating the guideline after the change
would be those containing box and on the edge would be edit-paste,
applications-development, applications-graphics and emblem-important. 


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