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Re: [Echo] start-here icon DRAFT

Does anyone know what the policy on re-using (or remixing perhaps is a better term) the official Fedora wallpaper is?

Here is the context:
I am doing some wallpaper for a podcast (hackerpublicradio.org) that will be distributing a promotional CD of previous episodes, along with some bonus material like wallpaper art, at the upcoming HOPE conference.  I'd been using a blue gradient in the background of my design and then as I sat staring at my own desktop of choice (Fedora 9, naturally) I realized that the WAVES image could be a nice subtle hint at which Linux distro is....well, the coolest.

The design in question would look like this were i to incorporate Waves:

I could probably have the guy making the CDs include a README file to give credit where credit is due, too.

- klaatu

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