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Re: [Echo] preferences-system-firewall sketches

As promised, here is next batch of sketches of
preferences-system-firewall. I modified the wall to use darker shades of
red and also to have slightly different bricks so they are not all same.
In the first take I also changed the lock to better contrast with the
wall, in the second take I tried using globe together with the wall and
in the third take I used display with the wall (whole computer would
make the icon really crowded). 

I personally still tend towards liking the one with lock the most so if
anyone agrees, I'd rather focus my efforts on further improving that
design (the wall still IMHO needs some improvements, also this design
would require quite a lot of work on smaller sizes as well).

This time I didn't do the gimp post-processing, per Nicu's, IMHO quite
reasonable, request. If we feel like needing it, we can document it

Due to size restrictions on the list I attach only PNGs, the rest is at:


Comments welcome,

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