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Re: [Echo] preferences-system-firewall sketches

Hey Martin,

Martin Sourada wrote:
On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 22:58 -0300, Jayme Ayres wrote:
Maybe looks good to use a "burned orange"...

Hm... interesting idea.

2008/7/9 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>:
fwiw I think that red color is way too bright. It hurts my eyes to look at

Yeah, I have the same feeling, that was why I was trying to make the red
darker, however making it even darker than in the posted sketches didn't
seem to work :-/ Maybe orange colour would be indeed better.

I have an idea. How about instead of having a gradient from say black to the red, try a transparent dark green => clear alpha gradient on top of the red? I don't know if that works in on-screen artwork but the way you do shadows in painting is to add the complementary color to the main color to darken it rather than just add black.

Or, what might result in the same effect, is make the red a gradient from a darker/desaturated red to a brighter more saturated red. If you limit the total area covered by the super bright red the icon might be a little less harsh on the eyes but the splash of bright color will still preserve the echo bright color palette.


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