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Re: [Echo] New guide - Adding new icons

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 09:28 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Martin Sourada wrote:
> > I thought a screencast or set of screenshots might be useful, however
> > I've never done a screencast (and don't know where to host videos with
> > sufficient quality) :-D I'll see how it can be improved with screenshots
> > (I'll make them during my next commit, if I don't forget).
> You can host the original OGG files on fedorapeople.org (and if you are 
> happy with them, publish with FedoraTV - 
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2008-July/msg00041.html

Thanks for the tip :) I just started exploring the area and it seems
there are not many choices :/ In such screencast it would be vital that
the text would be readable and the oggs produced by instanbul does not
seem to be very good at that (i.e. I can read the text, but it requires
a lot effort to "decipher" it). Byzanz seem to record only to gifs, so I
didn't even bothered with installing it. The best app so far proved to
be xvidcap which however records to MP4 (I believe it's the older one,
not the newer and better h264 format) with MP3 audio in MPEG container.

If I had a choice, I would use x264 codec for video, vorbis for audio
and matroska for file format, but even though x264 is open source, the
h264 format is patented (darn those patents, this really blocks
full-blown usage of this really good video compression format), also
there isn't a tool that would output to it (though theoretically since
xvidcap uses ffmpeg to compress the video, it should be able to output
to other codecs as well...).

So I ask, if anyone knows the answer, or link that explain this. What
can be used for fedoratv? I can recompress the mpegs to theora+vorbis
later in the process, though I am not sure what the results would be. Is
there a way to tell istanbul to record with higher quality, or is the
low quality result of the theora video compression format limitations?
Or is there a desktop (or X11 screen) capturer that can output to
uncompressed video, or has more choices for the output formats?


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