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Re: F10 theme: Spectrum

Oh my god. This is the best theme yet! I hope to see it in Fedora 10. I also hope that the other versions of the theme will be this good. Whenever the voting or something like that begins be assured that you got my vote.

On first hand the flower looked a bit too windowsy, but then again it isn't that much. Simply loving it!

On 12.7.2008, at 05:11, Mike Langlie <mlanglie redhat com> wrote:

Thanks for the feedback and wiki help.
I want to do a second version and hopefully get closer to what I have in mind.

I'm having no luck uploading a layered GIMP file from home, very spotty net connection for some reason.
I'll do it Monday at the latest.


- - - - -

Ian Weller wrote:
On Sat, 12 Jul 2008, Martin Sourada wrote:
As for the wiki - it could have more than just the images. Like some
thoughts behind the idea and such. About the formatting - perhaps
someone with better knowledge of MediaWiki might help (I am a total
beginner in this area as well, MoinMoin seemed more friendly to me :-D)?
I just switched it to use the <gallery> tag. Enjoy.

Máirín Duffy wrote:
These look great!
Can you make the sources available so others can play around with it?

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