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Re: [Echo] New guide - Adding new icons

On Sat, 2008-07-12 at 17:17 -0700, Klaatu and Gort wrote:
> Martin,
> I used to do a bit of screencasting for another popular linux distro
> before I found Fedora, and we used xvidcap.  It actually can record to
> a great number of formats, including raw digital video, from which you
> could then transcode it to whatever codec you want, and compress it as
> much or as little as space and quality allows.  We used to transcode
> to both ogg vorbis and (ff)mpeg4 at, I think, a bitrate of 400kbps,
> with a screensize of 1024x768-ish.  The quality was quite good,
> actually.
> To access xvidcap's preferences, you just have to right click on the
> leftmost button on the little control panel.  It's kind of hidden but
> it is there.
> - klaatu  


thanks! It is really hidden, but it is there :-) Seems though, that
xvidcap tend to freeze for me :-/ However, I managed to shot with it one
supporting screencast [1] and with subtitleeditor added some subtitle
commentary to it (in English and in Czech). In order to position the
subtitles correctly you need to pass -ass parameter to mplayer,
otherwise all subtitles will be rendered at the bottom of the screen
which sometimes overrides the text written in terminal.

I used h264 for better compression and mkv to store the subtitles inside
the file, but next time I'll use theora ;-)

The screencast covers the setting-up sections of the working with git
tutorial. I discovered easier ways to set up local branches tracking
remote branches and I update the tutorial later today to describe the
same steps I used in the screencast. 

I also shot (and edited) the screencast on newly installed rawhide
(install F9 and update via yum with rawhide repo enabled) to better
simulate the situation when you have set up nothing but ssh (for usage
with FAS) yet.

Comments welcome, I'll probably re-shoot it once again with
gtk-recordmydesktop, hopefully with less mistakes :-D

[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/screencasts/git%20-%2001%20-%

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