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Re: F10 theme: Spectrum

On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 12:49 -0400, Mike Langlie wrote:
> How do I upload something directly to my people account?
> Having a hard time figuring that out.
> Mike

It's actually pretty easy and you can do it even using nautilus, but I
find more convenient to use mc. Here are the steps:

 * open terminal
 * open mc in terminal
 * in one panel navigate to the folder you have the file in
 * switch to the other panel (hit tab)
 * hit F9, enter the menu, and select shell link
 * enter the machine name in format:
   in my case it's mso.fedorapeople.org
 * hit OK. You'll be probably asked for a password to your ssh key -
   watch the "command line" to see what's happening
 * once you're in, navigate into
   in my case it's /home/fedora/mso/public_html
 * switch back to the first panel
 * select the file you want to upload (either by hitting insert, or
   highlighting it)
 * hit F5 to copy, you can leave the form as is and hit OK
 * watch the progress in the "command line"
 * after you're done, close mc and the terminal


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