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Re: new Artwork ideas for FC10

Máirín Duffy schrieb:
wonderer wrote:
Hy together,

in order to a small discussion of the upcoming FC10 Artwork on the marketing-list I had some ideas I would like to give here for further comments. I has the thought if we can't think a bit bigger for FC10?! This is the 10th Version of an Operatingsystem. 10th Anniversery. We have a one and THEN the null behind. We have decades going forward...

So just some thoughts/ideas we could have:
- collect some/all the (unpublished) Artwork of the years and put them together or remaster some of "the old" ideas, made them retro or so.

This seems an interesting idea and has been proposed at least 3 other times. However, it seems no one has been interested in it enough to follow through. Maybe you could be the person to make this happen?
I'm to short in here and I did not know much of the guys, so it was only my first idea if I read about that here...

- ask VIP's (let your imagination flow who this could be...) make some Artwork. I don't mean that as a blow against the art-team or so (Nicu Buculei mentioned such a thing) but it CAN be a way to have lets say unusual stuff in here.

I think we have more than enough ideas right now for F10 that we don't need to go out and ask for more to add more to the pool.
Ok, then you can put that on the list for later ;-)

an (maybe bad) example: let Stallman scribble the fedora Logo and work that out or ask people like Doc Baumann, Linus Torwalds, Mark Shuttleworth or such guys.

I don't know if Mark Shuttleworth would be all that interested in contributing to Fedora. Just a hunch. :-p

What is the meaning behind doing this? How does it relate to Fedora? It seems to be promoting celebrity over expertise, no? Technical people doing art = people doing something outside of their expertise? What does that say about Fedora? Is celebrity really valued in Fedora?
It was only an idea. You can shuffle the people also to Bill Gates, George Bush or whatever you have in mind! You can also take RH Developers or Chair Members or Fedora Enthusiasts over the past X years. Do you know the Apple "Think different" Ad?! The idea CAN be valluable for marketing. Fedora is like all other Linux Distributions in many Countrys the geek-OS. I know not as many Girls and women who uses Linux as there are Wind$s using Girls. So that point would be more adressed to marketing...

maybe we can work out lets say 12 different VIP Pics or scribbles for that. - put in some photos as backgrounds, maybe from big events or meetings... there are few Pictures as backgrounds, but many people have some. There are many ways to put in lets say "faces of fedora" in a smooth way...

Do you have any pictures to suggest?
I know some public Pictures of Linuxtag here in Germany on flickr.com. For other countrys maybe other people can share their pics.

- best of artwork-artwork: any Artworker give one bit of his work to another and let him or her work that out, let your minds flow, cooperate, work out things together, etc.

This is what our art process involves right now. :)
Ah, ok. Thanks.

best regards
Henrik Heigl

// wonderer @ fedoraproject.org //

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