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Re: Choosing the 'right' icon for an application

Robin Norwood wrote:
Nicu Buculei  wrote:
I am curious to identify which icon theme is the user using. The
browser does not know this info, the only way I can imagine it
working is to have smolt reporting the theme and link data from smolt
with amber. I don't think you want to go this route (complicated,
privacy issues, smolt is off by default)

Ah.  Well, to do the actual package install, we'll be using a browser
plugin (probably) which will probably send us some limited information
- like what version of Fedora the user is running, for instance.  It
might be possible to include the current theme in this info.

So you will probably make available in the application icons from Mist, Echo and Tango (the icon sets are most likely to be installed at users, maybe add here the default KDE theme) and fall back to whatever is Fedora's default for any other set?

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