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[Mist/gnome-icon-theme] Missing symlinks in rawhide


I recall andreasn called for cooperation in hunting bad citizens in case
of icons usage. As I am on rawhide right now, where the icon-theme-utils
are not used for generating symlinks in Mist and gnome-icon-theme, I
though I could point out some icons that are "missing" ;-)

From what I noticed, there are these missing icons in the gnome menus:

* Applications -> Sound & Video -> Avidemux Video Editor (GTK)
- gnome-multimedia
- avidemux-2.4.2-1.lvn10.i386

* Applications -> System Tools -> Disk Management
- disks
- usermode-1.97-1.i386

* System -> Help
- gnome-help
- yelp-2.22.1-2.fc10.i386

* System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Mouse
- gnome-dev-mouse-optical
- control-center-2.23.4-4.fc10.i386

* System -> Preferences -> System -> Authorisations
- gtk-dialog-authentication
- PolicyKit-gnome-0.8-5.fc10.i386

* System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Software
- system-software-installer
- gnome-packagekit-0.2.3-4.20080618.fc10.i386

* System -> Administration -> Users and Groups
- system-config-users
- system-config-users-1.2.80-1.fc10.noarch

In addition to that icon for System -> Administration falls back to
bluecurve (I am not sure what icon name it uses). Places -> Bookmarks
uses icon with old gnome design (I am not sure here either about the
icon name). I believe it could use same icon as epiphany uses.

Also I noticed that the icon that appears in evolution's status bar (on
close button) is displayed as broken image (I believe) instead of the
traditional close icon.


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