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Re: mockup gtk theme

Andy Fitzsimon schreef:
are you seriously trying to resurrect bluecurve ?
ive done a fair amount of bluecurve icons in the new style..

will send them to you  when i get back to work

Nothing too fancy at the moment. Going to work on a window border as well, that has some of the old features (diagonal stripes, blue edges), but looks more of this time.

I loved the Bluecurve style for Red Hat/Fedora, it was defining for the distro.

I've seen some of your new Bluecurve work, they look very nice.

The thing is I'd like to find a style that's not exactly Tango, but does blend in well with the smaller Tango sizes that are used everywhere. As you can see it uses the Bluecurve palette, has strokes and inner strokes, but no shadows and the contrast is a bit higher. Maybe the Tango High Resolution style would fit better.


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