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Re: [Ambassadors] EUROPE: CDs, Shirts and Stickers

The T-shirt shown doesn't have our official logo on it, but I think there ought to be one -- a small one on the upper back, or on one sleeve. That helps to keep the brand identification even though the front has a completely different presentation of the word "fedora."

To summarize the requirements:

FRONT of the shirt:


BACK of the shirt:


(but smaller, and up near the top in the center, by the neck).

I envision us having the shirts printed in white.


That's it! Let's not make this any more complicated than we need to! :)

The only question worth asking at this point is "do the EMEA Ambassadors like that design enough to spend some of our money producing it?" Personally, I think it is cool, fun, and different from all the other shirts that we have, and I vote yes.

It's the Fedora logo -- live a little!


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