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Re: T-shirt design feed back

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Pierre-Yves wrote:
Dear list,


Sometime ago I have made a couple of t-shirt design that I would like to present you. There is nothing special on them, just a couple of ideas I had. Some might like them, some not, never mind :).

I would like to have your opinion on those, and especially on the legal aspect of them. Do they fit the guidelines exactly ? (I have read them but I prefer to ask you confirmation rather than doing something wrong).

I am by no means an expert in law or an expert in branding, but I see in some designs you added a black outline around the "8" and the "f" shapes (and I am not sure, but I think I see one around the bubble). That is not OK, our logo is *without* outlines.

Yes I saw that, I think I found that logo somewhere on the old wiki, I could not find it again few days ago when I looked it up.
That's also why I changed it (it also looks nicer without :) )

Beyond that, the shirts are quite simple and straightforward (in a good sense): the Fedora logo and a slogan. Not sure about the usefulness of introducing yet another slogan when we are trying to come with something about "4 Foundations".

My goal is not to introduce a new slogan, just to make a small/nice t-shirt. I had other ideas of t-shirt in the same vein:

But that's not the point of my question :)

Thanks for your feed back,


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