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Re: FUDCon Brno tshirts

Max Spevack wrote:
Since you guys did such an awesome job on the FUDCon Boston shirts, I was wondering if you'd be willing to make a few mock-ups of what a FUDCon Brno shirt would look like.

I like the idea of trying to have a bit of design consistency for each year's FUDCon shirts... so maybe we could keep the front the same (switching the name of course) and doing something "similar" on the back?

So something just like the Boston design [1] but using a Gothic cathedral instead of the skyscraper. I think it may work.

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Artwork_T(2d)Shirt_fudcon-boston-2008-1_design.png

I did a search on images.google.com and flickr for Brno, and there are several skyline pictures similar to the one used for Boston. If any of them inspire you, I am happy to send some emails to the creators to ask for permission to use them in our design.

You know, a Gothic cathedral is a Gothic cathedral, nobody can tell them apart when they are reduced so much is a graphic. Now I am kicking myself for not taking better skyline photos a couple of months ago when I was in Cluj [2] (it does not look that far from Brno, just greener).

[2] http://nicubunu.ro/pictures/cluj_skyline.jpg

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