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Re: T-shirt design feed back

Paul W. Frields escribió:
On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 15:34 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
Pierre-Yves wrote:
Dear list,

Sometime ago I have made a couple of t-shirt design that I would like to present you. There is nothing special on them, just a couple of ideas I had. Some might like them, some not, never mind :).

I would like to have your opinion on those, and especially on the legal aspect of them. Do they fit the guidelines exactly ? (I have read them but I prefer to ask you confirmation rather than doing something wrong).
I am by no means an expert in law or an expert in branding, but I see in some designs you added a black outline around the "8" and the "f" shapes (and I am not sure, but I think I see one around the bubble). That is not OK, our logo is *without* outlines.

Also, the design doesn't protect the minimum space around the logo.

Beyond that, the shirts are quite simple and straightforward (in a good sense): the Fedora logo and a slogan. Not sure about the usefulness of introducing yet another slogan when we are trying to come with something about "4 Foundations".

Yes, I would like to avoid setting up a bunch of new slogans all at the
same time.  At the same time, I realize that the alliteration ("f" at
the beginning of all the words) won't work outside English, for which I
apologize.  But the *ideas* are strong, so translating those words
directly would still be powerful, I think.

Part of the power of a slogan comes from using it consistently.  If
everyone makes their own, how do we tell the difference between the
unofficial ones and the official one?  Frankly, I'd rather see T-shirts
not reflect any slogan, just the branding (logo) and website.

Hello Paul.

Regarding the 4 foundations, maybe they should be better exposed in the Wiki. Just ran a quick search of the Wiki for a mixed variations of the words "4 foundations", "four foundations" and "foundations" and of all results I couldn't get one which linked to the main article explaining those. Also it may be a good idea to advertise them in the font page for the Wiki, since they're the basic idea upon which Fedora ideals and values revolve. Maybe this has already been done and I simply didn't browse or search the *right* places. I wanted to do see an explanation for them as it may better aid with translations other than "Freedom = Libertad", "Friendship = Amistad", etc, but putting the full reasoning behind the words, just like it was the case when these words were chosen to be the foundations ;-)

I appologize to reply to this thread here instead of addressing this on a more appropriate channel (Marketing?)

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