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Re: mockup gtk theme

On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 23:26 +0800, Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
> Hi martin,
> If you could help me understand our limitations ill make some more
> specific mockups for you
> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3021/2706976226_d9d7e58f17_o.png
> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3049/2706174405_6f7cb0e3a7_o.png
> No points for being original here,   I was thinking ofwhat osx and xp
> would look like if they were smashed together in the right way.
> getting the conditionals to render like this is what I am more interested in.
> Andy

The mock-ups looks great. The basic idea is implementable, one of the
biggest limitations we have is that you should draw stuff only on the
widget's "rectangle of being" otherwise you'll bound to hit problems
with specific cases of repaints of the area, also in gtk 2 there is no
hope for real transparency in Entry and Progress Bars + all other
widgets that contain Entry. We are also slightly limited in the number
of various states, like there is probably no way how to check that
button has state "working...".

For the multi-select listview, I noticed in your mockup, I am not sure
if that's possible to implement - as the drawing function is called for
all items separately, but I cannot say now that it's impossible.

That's for the limitations that came to my mind just now, more are
usually discovered during the actual implementation :-p

Stay tuned on nodoka related topics in the art-list, I'll post link to
documentation-in-progress for the upcoming branch and so far I drafted
the Configuration Options chapter. I added option called "style" which
can be set to CLASSIC (for the current nodoka), MODERN (for the future
default nodoka look, currently present only in my sketches) and GLOSSY
(for your style, if you have better name feel free to suggest it).

Next section that I'll write will cover the used gradients and
reflections. That should help me in deciding on best way how to
implement gradients/reflections settings in drawing functions in the
actual code, so if you have in mind final version of the gradients you
use (only basic settings, colour will be hopefully treated separately)
email me with the settings. You can also wait till I write the sections
for the CLASSIC and MODERN styles to see what I have in mind, or ask me
to extract them from the svgs you posted :)

BTW. to see most of the used widgets, together with many of their
available states, you can use thewidgetfactory (in fedora repos, then in
Applications -> Programming -> The Widget Factory). It would be nice if
your "final sketch" would be fake screen-shot of it's window to see how
the theme will look in real environment.


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