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Re: mockup gtk theme

Hey Andy,

Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
Hi martin,

If you could help me understand our limitations ill make some more
specific mockups for you



One thing about the mockups - I don't know much about the tech limitations side at all, but I wanted to point out that I think the buttons, tabs, and progress bars are a little fat. I mean, as it is, I've got 1024x768 resolution laptop, and in the gimp I use the small theme rather than the normal default gtk sizes theme, and I still struggle for screen real estate. I have a real estate problem in Inkscape too. I want the buttons and bars to be slimmer... at the size they're at they kind of feel like a child's toy? (Does that make sense? Sort of big fat knobs for little hands? :) )

If they went on a little slimming diet though they'd be perfect. It's a beautiful mockup and I think it feels "Fedora." I think the sizing issues could be worked out with a 'real' mockup rather than the widgetfactory style mockup... then you see them a bit more in context maybe and can size them down appropriately/in proportion?

One other piece of feedback! The arrows at the top and bottom of the scrollbars.... that they have the negative space semicircle on them... it makes them look a little agressive, like fangs, when the rest seems soft because of all the rounded corners. You know what I mean? Nodoka today is like that but it's a little more pronounced in the mockup because the grey area of the arrows is a bit more elongated? I kind of feel similarly about the highlighting on the tabs... I think with some minor tweaking the 'fangs' on the tabs would look good though, just a bit of rounding on the sharp point of each fang... not sure how to adjust the ones on the scrollbar though.

(Does that make sense?)


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