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Re: mockup gtk theme

heya mizmo,

the fatness  is something we don't really control that much of for many apps.
My mockup is fat happy because I think there is a need to have a theme
that can expand to fat later on.  i'll make it compact for TWF mockup

Speaking of which,
Martin, I've attached a real screenshot  + the gtkrc of the settings
Im using for Nodoka right now.

one thing i notice immediately is that the blue scrollbar needs a
darker stroke of the specified colour rather than the same light grey
stroke. (until that is possible I suggest turning off the custom
scrollbar colour).

another issue is that there seems to be no way (that i know of )  to
remove the lines above / below the toolbar.  they give a little too
much contrast imo

there is also no way I know of to remove the coloured shade inside the
tabs or the dots inside the sliders.

so it looks like we've got to deal with all of that along with the new
drawing methods required to make nodoka do the gloss effects.

i'll do this TWF mock now


On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 10:01 AM, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:
> Hey Andy,
> Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
>> Hi martin,
>> If you could help me understand our limitations ill make some more
>> specific mockups for you
>> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3021/2706976226_d9d7e58f17_o.png
>> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3049/2706174405_6f7cb0e3a7_o.png
> One thing about the mockups - I don't know much about the tech limitations
> side at all, but I wanted to point out that I think the buttons, tabs, and
> progress bars are a little fat. I mean, as it is, I've got 1024x768
> resolution laptop, and in the gimp I use the small theme rather than the
> normal default gtk sizes theme, and I still struggle for screen real estate.
> I have a real estate problem in Inkscape too. I want the buttons and bars to
> be slimmer... at the size they're at they kind of feel like a child's toy?
> (Does that make sense? Sort of big fat knobs for little hands? :) )
> If they went on a little slimming diet though they'd be perfect. It's a
> beautiful mockup and I think it feels "Fedora." I think the sizing issues
> could be worked out with a 'real' mockup rather than the widgetfactory style
> mockup... then you see them a bit more in context maybe and can size them
> down appropriately/in proportion?
> One other piece of feedback! The arrows at the top and bottom of the
> scrollbars.... that they have the negative space semicircle on them... it
> makes them look a little agressive, like fangs, when the rest seems soft
> because of all the rounded corners. You know what I mean? Nodoka today is
> like that but it's a little more pronounced in the mockup because the grey
> area of the arrows is a bit more elongated? I kind of feel similarly about
> the highlighting on the tabs... I think with some minor tweaking the 'fangs'
> on the tabs would look good though, just a bit of rounding on the sharp
> point of each fang... not sure how to adjust the ones on the scrollbar
> though.
> (Does that make sense?)
> ~m
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