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Re: FUDCon Brno tshirts

Máirín Duffy wrote:

Here's my thoughts:

- I don't think you need to trace, but there is a bit of noise in the Inkscape automatic trace. The way I got rid of this when doing the FUDcon Boston design (my first tries had the same noise) was to boost the contrast of the image in the Gimp first; I think I fiddled with the levels a bit, then duplicated the original layer on top of itself with one of the layer blending modes (I don't remember which one; I just kept playing). If there were some fine details I knew wouldn't come out in the final trace I doctored them out manually with a dark brush! :)

Consider the photo I started with: http://flickr.com/photos/linuxguy/2098670932/ I adjusted the color curves a bit and sharpened it. It is a problem with the cathedral lacking contrast and the biulding in front of it being too white. And the trees do not help either.

One thing I tried was to adjust the threshold with GIMP, which will turn the image into black and white, but it seems like the result is the same as adjusting the brightness cutoff in Inkscape (the GIMP dialog is a bit friendlier). And the result has to be traced anyway, so it does not look like a big gain.

- After the Gimp doctoring was done, I tried the Inkscape auto-trace again. It still came out with a few little artifacts/noise, so what I did there is touch the trace with the node select tool, and shift+lassoed and shift+clicked around to try to sweep them up and then deleted them. I did this a lot along the bottom to clear out a natural-looking solid background for the 'BOSTON 2008' text. E.g., that building in the bottom right (and I think there's a waterfall there too?) that is cut off, I'd do some clever selection with the node tool on those nodes and just wipe them completely as if that building wasn't there.

My first reaction was to use an automatic node reduction, to get the number of nodes down from >9300. but it kills some small details, the windows turn rounded instead of rectangles.

- I'd enlarge the font size in 'BRNO 2008' so there isn't as much of a wide kerning between the letters. It may need to be kerned more loosely than the 'BOSTON 2008' one, but right now I think it's too loose to 'match' the 'BOSTON 2008' one, especially in the '2008' letters.

That's a tough choice: increase kerning and not match the original, increase the font size and to not match the original, put a gap between the two words and unbalance the thing or break the font aspect ratio and effectively *not* use the proper font. Attached is an image with less kerning but larger font - I feel the font is a bit too large.

Hope this helps! I really like this design so far!

Yes, useful.

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