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Re: Does blue make you blue?

I agree with Gian Mureddu when I think Fedora I remember the Blue as its main characteristic. Just as he said redhat = red and I myself link Orange with Ubuntu. imo color choice is part of branding getting rid of blue in its entirety would be a bad move, however I agree with other statements made about adding more color. Just trying to give input I am a novice at best with art design.

2008/7/30 David Nielsen <gnomeuser gmail com>

Den 30. jul. 2008 19.52 skrev Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:

Does the Artwork team think, overall, that using a blue palette for our
desktop theme (background) helps Fedora with its identity and branding?
Do you want to continue that for Fedora 10?

As a user I would love to see us break free of the blue prison, it looks dated and should be put down with all manners of mercy possible. I think it hurts us to stick with the blue theme and unlike other competing distros not work towards a unified look over several cycles. Getting a more integrated artwork effort, making sure we get a good vision of where we want to go and working with our programmers to bring the required technology onboard over say 4 releases, making sure our icons, backgrounds and theme look like a whole.

- David

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