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Re: Does blue make you blue?

Max Spevack escribió:
On Wed, 30 Jul 2008, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

In my opinion Blue has become part of the Fedora identity, from the Logo to the desktop themes and defaults. Sure some other colors blended in with it are welcome, but I do believe that Blue now has an identity to Fedora as much as red did for Red Hat back in the day (I mean in the days of Red Hat Linux as the free version of Red Hat).

Blue = Fedora. Mix in some other stuff as appropriate, but I believe that Blue is now "our" color. We shouldn't give that up. Ubuntu has brown, OpenSuse has green. Red Hat has red. We have blue. Personally, I like that we maintain that general blue-ish feel. Play with the shades if you like, mix in some spice and variety if you like, but I think Fedora should always be identifiable with the color blue.

Just my $.02,

My thoughts exactly. The color has become part of the identity of the distribution itself, as much as other colors have become part of other distributions. Other distributions may share colors as well: green SuSE and Mint, purple Gentoo and Mandriva or blue Fedora and Arch. And I like our Blue-ish hue.

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