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Re: [Nodoka GTK2 Engine] Gathering ideas for next release - update


I've just finished my Widget Factory mock-up for the MODERN style in
Nodoka 0.8.x. I also updated The Widget Factory mock-up for the CLASSIC
style. I'll probably make the updates also within the 0.7.x branch so
that Fedora 10 will also have some "refreshments". Now the only missing
one is the GLASSY one. Andy is working on it and I am looking forward to
the finished work. You can check all the designs at the usual place [1]
(SVGs are available at the bottom of the page), I also attach the MODERN
Widget Factory mock-up here.

I did various improvements from the previous sketches, but I am still
not fully content with the scrollbar design and the arrows design. Any

Comments, suggestions, ... welcome :-)


PS: Final version (the real one) will probably make use of brighter
colours, but as I played with the current sketches in inkscape, it
somehow ended with those present in the mock-up :-D

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/wiki/0.8.x_Brainstorm

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