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Re: Quicklaunch mockuo

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 01:03 +0300, Pavel Shevchuk wrote:
> I use this most of the time. Create spare panel, put shortcuts on it,
> set icon size to huge and make panel autohide.

I use semi-transparent panel 32 px height for that purpose without
auto-hide. It actually looks quite good and serves right for the
quick-launch purpose. I don't need to wait until it appears, just click
one the icon and it's lunched... For my current setting (I only slightly
alter the applications in quick-launch over time) take a look e.g. at my
fedorapeople page [1]. 

I find the layout I've chosen quite effective and nice, after all it's
became like that after many iterations made with the sole purpose to
improve my experience with gnome ;-)

So as you (Mark) suggest the idea of new quick launch a don't find any
advantages over my current set-up and I think it sort of beats the
purpose of quick launch... I could as well add a drawer to panel and
have all the quick launch icons hidden there and it would serve the
purpose just as well and would be even quicker (even though it would
require one mouse click more) to use...

But that's just mine personal opinion, don't heed it if you don't like
it ;-)


[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/nodoka/notify/preview/Screenshot.png

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