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Re: Quicklaunch mockuo

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 00:40 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Your version looks good as well.. in the end this is all just a mather
> of taste..
> Also my purpose with this idea is to get rid of those icons that you
> don't use often anyway.
> The advantage (for me) is that the space used up by the current
> quicklaunch can than be used by other things more important. In your
> case you make it worse.. you dedicate a full panel to quicklaunch
> stuff and have it in your screen al the time. i want the opposite of
> that (which you can achieve by just auto hiding the panel).. Also
> making it look fancy suits me better :) just a ordinary plain panel
> isn't my style ^_^
Well, I like having two panels and I hate to wait until they appear.
That's why I don't autohide them. I also like to have applications I use
regularly easily accessible - and it's that lot of icons you see in the
screen-shot. Also I don't like nearly empty panel - it's boring. And of
course I like some of the panel applets. And last, but not least, I find
6 virtual desktops to be just the right number for me. And after many
iterations I ended up with a layout like you saw. 

I have nice big icons, bottom panel with sort of macy style
(semi-transparent background). It looks even more awesome with
compositing enabled (but I don't use compositing for various purposes).
And fast access to everything I use from notify, through trash, quick
launch and virtual desktop switcher, through network monitor and window
list to gnome menu :-D And it occupies as much space as I find nice...
Also, which is not seen on the screen shot, in the bottom right corner
when I attach an usb drive, or put an optical media in, disk mounter
applet with fast access to basic actions like open/eject/unmount

Only one thing that my current layout lacks is a fancy top panel, but I
don't mind the plain colour one much and I am too lazy to make it look
otherwise :-D

But as you said, it's a matter of taste.


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