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Re: Introduction

Hey Carl!

Welcome to the artteam list! A lot of us also hang out in #fedora-art on irc.freenode.net, so feel free to drop in for a chat... :)

> My name is Carl Ellement, from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. I am
> interested in contributing artwork to the Fedora project, and becoming
> a contributing member of the artTeam.

If you haven't already seen it, the following link outlines the steps required for joining the art-team:
(we have recently migrated to the mediawiki platform, so the layout of the wiki may still be a bit rough around the edges...)

> I have some digital art production experience, mainly with adobe
> products in a windows environment. I am anxious to learn more about
> Linux and open source software and I feel I have
> much to offer!

Not sure if you know about the open source equivalents in the graphic design world, but in short:

Vector Graphics - Inkscape
Raster / Photo Manipulation - GIMP
Page Layout / Desktop Publishing - Scribus

I personally am a huge inkscape fan, and you will find it is also a popular tool for a lot of the members of the fedora artTeam...



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