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Banner and logo request

Greetings folks,

I just added 2 requests to the DesignService wiki page.  Máirín
recommended I pass this along to the list for general discussion and
further ideas.


This request is for a logo intended for use in the "join-fedora" (see
http://join.fedoraproject.org/).  Máirín and I were discussing some
themes for the logo.  One thought was a image of a hammer breaking code,
another thought was a medical/triage theme (stethoscope or MRI monitor)?
Any other thoughts/ideas out there?


The initial thought on the banner is that it would be used at the top of
QA wiki pages and fedorahosted QA tool pages.  The banner created for
Infrastructure (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure) is what I
was thinking, but I'm definitely open to other ideas.  The text of the
banner should say, "Fedora Quality Assurance" ... or perhaps "Fedora
QA" ... open to either.

Many thanks,

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