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Re: Flyer for Froscon

Hi Romal,

Robert M. Albrecht wrote:
Hello Artworkers,

I prepare the Froscon (http://www.froscon.de) event in August. I would like to print some flyers.

One side in german, one side in english.

Could someone please help me in creating this flyer ? I sketched an idea with inkscape.

Cool, thanks for representing Fedora at Froscon!

I do need to ask you to do a couple of things so we can get to your request:

- Can you create a formal request on our design service page (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/DesignService) with all of the details? (size of flyer - I'm guessing A4 because you are in Europe? Colors, or black & white? Landscape or portrait if there is a preference? Etc.)

- Can you come up with some copy for the flier as well? It's going to be hard for us to come up with text for your event when we don't know all the details or what you are planning to do there. It's a lot easier for us to create a design for you if you already have the content ready to go. Some information typically important in these type of fliers is date/dates, time/times, location, summary of what it's about, some enticing details to get people to go like "prizes available!" or "t-shirts first come, first serve!" or "come and get Fedora installed on your laptop" or "come and get a demo of Fedora Live USB keys!"


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