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IAX Phone Icon Request

Hello everyone,

I'd like to claim the "IAX Phone applications" icon request from the

I already finished a 48x48 Tango-standards (some exceptions as to the
buttons and darker gradients) icon of the phone (smaller versions are to
follow after the acknowledgment of this design). Please do knock me out
with suggestions on what to do with it and what to change.


Stojan Dimitrovski

Blog: http://stojance.lugola.net/; http://ap.blog.com.mk/ 
IM: sdimitrovski gmail com; sdimitrovski aol com;
sdimitrovski hotmail com
IRC: act1v8 @ Freenode; sometimes act1v8 @ GimpNet
DeviantART: http://act1v8.deviantart.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Act1v8

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