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F10 Theme "Solar"

Hi all!
Another one proposal...


for who dont' read the wiki the explanation is:

Last night i can't sleep so i start thinkin... My creative path was:
    * 1) start thinkin to the "Perfect System" meaning a good, right working OS.
    * 2) I think to find something in nature representing some Over-good working System
    * 3) Idea! I said... The Solar System blinks in my mind. 
Solar System... and then the step was so short...
SOLAR, simbolizing the centre of the universe, the engine of our galaxy, the light in big shadows.

So today I created some sketches of this idea. 

Here u can find the concept writed and drawed.


Let me know ur guess.


Samuele Storari
Art Director
Byte-Code srl
mobile: +39 347 50 798 32
office: +39 02 9840047

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