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Re: Names for F10

ambrish dhaka wrote:
The Fedora must look towards world community┼Ť goal for the century and can draw possible ideas for a name from sources such as millenium development goals, or climate change.

I understand you are new here and probably not aware about schedule and rules, but we are past the round of submitting name proposals. The proposals were collected, they will be cleared by legal and after that put for a public vote.
So: no new names at this point.

This F 10 shouldn't go into lining behind F 16 which is actually a war machine. So, try shift this to longer and stable production line beginning with Fedora Equator- this can be the final version for F 10, and then new series should begin.

Huh? F10 is Fedora version 10. In a few years we *will* get to a release called F16. It's up to us if we want to link it with the aircraft or not (I see a few ways we can turn an interesting link) but the community will decide at the right time. Anyway, release names are words, I guess *any* release name could offend *some* people, no matter what the name is.

Thanks for everbody┼Ť  patience
best wishes,

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