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R: Re: F10 Theme "Solar"

Right now I've uploaded the Solar "logo".
I'm working on the InvinXble logo.

As before, let me know ur guess.

Stay tuned.

Ps: When the contest end? or start, I mean when we get to a decision?

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A: "Discussions about the artwork included with Fedora, including icons, themes, and wallpapers." <fedora-art-list redhat com>
Inviato: Martedì, 17 giugno 2008 14:17:20 GMT +01:00 Amsterdam/Berlino/Berna/Roma/Stoccolma/Vienna
Oggetto: Re: F10 Theme "Solar"

Wow I really like that.

Samuele Storari wrote:
> Hi all!
> Another one proposal...
> for who dont' read the wiki the explanation is:
> Last night i can't sleep so i start thinkin... My creative path was:
>     * 1) start thinkin to the "Perfect System" meaning a good, right working OS.
>     * 2) I think to find something in nature representing some Over-good working System
>     * 3) Idea! I said... The Solar System blinks in my mind. 
> Solar System... and then the step was so short...
> SOLAR, simbolizing the centre of the universe, the engine of our galaxy, the light in big shadows.
> So today I created some sketches of this idea. 
> Here u can find the concept writed and drawed.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F10Themes/Solar/#Solar
> Let me know ur guess.
> Ciao
> Samuele

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