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Re: [Echo] Revamped system-search icons set (take 2)

> That will be worth to mention in the tutorial.
Yup, I'll add it.

> Pushed these icons in the tree but, for some reasons, I dont see the
> update inside browse source. Let me know it the push was succesfull.
You pushed it to the 0.3.x branch only [1]. Also would be good to push
the source SVGs as well. Then switch to master branch [1] and push them
there as well. If you know of easy way to push the same files to more
than one branch, please add it to the Working with Git [2] tutorial :)

I usually push them to master branch first, build a new rpm from it and
then copy it over from /usr/share/icons/echo-icon-theme along with the
necessary symlinks, but I believe there should be more convenient way,
using git commands only...

In the 0.3.x branch you'll also need to create necessary symlinks,
convenient way is to copy them over from already installed
gnome-icon-theme (where they are generated during build, like in master
branch of echo-icon-theme).

Both the Browse Source [4] and Status Page [5] look into the master
branch, therefore you don't see there your commit.

Also don't forget that in the master branch you need to add the icons to
the Makefile.am in each folder in order to be included in install, you
should be able to figure how to do it by looking how it's done for other

> Luya

[3] https://fedorahosted.org/echo-icon-theme/wiki/WorkingWithGit
[4] https://fedorahosted.org/echo-icon-theme/browser

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