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Re: [Echo] Revamped system-search icons set (take 2)

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Martin Sourada a écrit :
> I noticed you pushed it to master branch now as well, but forgot about
> 48x48 icon, so I went ahead and uploaded it. I also did the other
> necessary changes in both branches in order to install it correctly with
> all needed symlinks.
Thanks. I just need to get used to those steps.

> Apart from that, I switched fallback theme to Fedora in master branch to
> pick up Fedora logo for the Gnome Menu. Now that I think back about it,
> it was probably not a wise step since echo snapshots are now built into
> gentoo as well... ATM I think the best solution would be to switch the
> fallback theme back to gnome and patch fedora package to fallback to
> Fedora, or perhaps list gnome as second fallback theme. Any thoughts on
> this?
That explains why Gnome menu used the default foot icon. Since the
theme is primarily intended for Fedora, let use  Fedora package.

> Oh, and I built the latest git snapshot into rawhide [2], it should be
> in repos probably tomorrow.

Grabbed from koji. Concerning the media drive like usb, it would be
nice to make difference using the extras folder.  I wonder if those
method will work for other DE like KDE or XFCE.

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