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Re: [Echo] Revamped system-search icons set (take 2)

On Fri, 2008-06-20 at 14:09 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> > Oh, and I built the latest git snapshot into rawhide [2], it should be
> > in repos probably tomorrow.
> Grabbed from koji. Concerning the media drive like usb, it would be
> nice to make difference using the extras folder.  I wonder if those
> method will work for other DE like KDE or XFCE.
Hm... it's really low priority, given that the extras icons are not
necessarily needed. Also the number of icons in the extras is scarce
ATM, so it does not make much sense to install them IMHO. I hope, once
the number of icons increases (and we make first formal release of the
set), to submit the echo-icon-theme-extras as new package into Fedora.

Come to think of it, the extras icons seems good starting place for new
contributors, since the base icon is created, only minor tweaks to
create new one are usually needed, also icons in Echo style that are
created on request for special purposes (e.g. for fedora websites) might
go into extras as well...

> Luya

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