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Re: [Echo] system-file-manager icons draft

On Sun, 2008-06-22 at 00:30 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Martin Sourada a écrit :
> > Just a few quick comments:
> >  * make the gradients subtler
> >  * try add more contrast between fills and outlines
> >  * add shadow a little behind the drawer as well
> >   
> Done
Good, perhaps the shadow might be a little better. Can you try using
similar shadow to that in package-x-generic?

> >  * perhaps try brown as the main colour?
> >   
> Check the new version
> >  * recheck align to grid in > 16x16 icons, at first sight their outlines
> > seem slightly blurry
> >   
> Set outline distant to 0.5px. These icons should display correctly. I
> left outline to grey colours to see how it works. Otherwise, I will set
> to brown.
I'd definitely set it to brown. The grey-brown combination looks a
little strange. As for the outline width, I'd keep 0.75 px and rather
modify the shape a little to fit into pixel grid with vertical lines.

> Luya

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